Tax System Improvement


Sounding Board

Welcome to the Board of Taxation Sounding Board.

It’s the place to contribute ideas for tax system improvement (including care and maintenance ideas that were part of the ATO’s Tax issues Entry System process). Importantly, it is not intended as a forum for substantive tax policy proposals (e.g. altering tax rates, changing the tax mix or removing certain types of taxes altogether).

We are looking for ideas that reduce red-tape and result in compliance savings (e.g. streamlining tax registration thresholds, re-drafting complex provisions to ensure clarity and removing unnecessary sections from tax returns), not ideas that would require significant changes to the tax system.

We encourage you to submit ideas and offer practical solutions that you think could positively shape the Australian tax regulation landscape.

How to use Sounding Board

To get involved simply register as a user and submit, vote and/or comment on the ideas. All submitted ideas are periodically reviewed by the Board of Taxation, with assistance from the Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office. The highest rated ideas are selected for further consideration and possible implementation by the Government.

To submit an idea, please click the 'Submit New Idea' button at the top of the navigation sidebar. You will then be asked to add a title and describe your idea. You will also have the option to add tags to the idea. To vote on existing ideas, simply click the up or down arrows to the right of the idea title/description listed below. To add a comment, click in the box below the idea.

More Information

To learn more about the work of the Board of Taxation and the role we play in improving the tax system, visit

Thank you for your contribution.