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Too taxing: reducing red tape

PAYG income instalments - sending to ATO Implemented

For payg income instalments, if these are varied and/or it is applicable to choose Option 1 or 2 (due to new income assessment year), the original has to be signed and sent to the ATO by the due date for lodgement . My question is, why in this world of technically and online portals - that this form cannot be digitally signed and uploaded via a link in the business portal to the ATO. Why do we still need to post anything... more »

Can government fix it

A PAYGI materiality threshold Implemented

That a materiality threshold should be included in determining whether or not PAYG income tax is required to be paid quarterly so that businesses with a very low income tax liability are not required to pay quarterly installments. What should this be?

Sweating the small stuff

Extending BAS / payg income instalment deadlines QE March

I was wondering if it has ever been put to the table to extend the deadline of BAS & payg income instalments for QE March activity statements of BAS & payg income instalments. Why do I ask? Because for QE December there is an extension of one month offered due to the Christmas / New Year period and loss of working days. So why can't a pro-rata extension be offered for QE March of at least a week, bringing due date... more »


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