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Tell it to the Tax Office

Superannuation Salary Sacrifice.

Ruling needs to be made to instruct employers to forward pre tax salary sacrifice to Suoer funds in a timely manner.
Employers do not have any right to hold on to thousands of dollars of my money for months when it should be in my Super fund adding to my retirement benefits.
SG money can be sent each quarter. Pre tax Salary Sacrifice should be sent at the very least each month if not it should be sent to Super fund with... more »


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Can government fix it

Excess Superannuation Tax

The Board has received the following suggestion during the course of its consultations.

The current provisions around excess superannuation tax are bureaucratic and cumbersome especially for non-executive directors with the decision to include death and disability insurance in the superannuation contributions cap.

Many persons will inevitably be in breach of the cap, especially those receiving multiple group certificates.... more »


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