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Unpaid SGL

Unpaid SGL


I have found attempting to assist a 22 year client be paid their SGL entitlement for two years work that often involved 50 hour weeks , 6 days a week has been futile. I have a chain of emails of 4 pages long to and from various ATO divisions, the appropriate Ombudsman and our local politician. Despite providing names of the directors and the company name, phone numbers of current business and the directors parents private addresses to the above named authorities over a 3 year period I have reluctantly given up. The excuse was there was no ABN or ACN provided which was the result of the employer never issuing a payment summary nor pay slips. The system has basically told me it does not care and employers area able to disregard their obligations. Our society and honest employees deserve better. I am prepared to share the chain of emails if this may assist an overhaul of the system



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