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FBT and Cars - Logbook applies to a car (not employee) trending idea

I can not understand why a logbook is assigned to a car, rather than to an employee.

Eg Salesperson uses car for 6mths 90% business, then admin person uses same car for 6mths at 10% business.

Why do we not simply address the provision of each benefit to each employee based on the actual %?

By having to apportion/average the % it is unfair to the salesperson/inappropriate for admin person.

Then it gets more crazy, as the salesperson/admin does not mind as there will be no RFBT as it is now shared/pooled car.

In contrast if they drove it the whole year, there would be RBFT.

There is great opportunity to rort the system - i.e. share the car for one day in the FBT year and then no RFBT? (this affects Centrelink, CSA etc etc).

Both these issues should be addressed - i.e. FBT should be calculated on benefits provided to the employee.


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